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Over margin bij DeGiro. Ik beleg bij DeGiro en duik in het geval van uitzonderlijke deals ook in m'n margin. Ik zit ongeveer 3.5k in m'n margin en heb nog 5k vrije ruimte. In het tarievenregister van DeGiro staat dat ik voor niet-gealloceerd debet 4% rente betaal. Betekent dit dat ik voor de 5k vrije ruimte van m'n margin op het moment 4% rente. DEGIRO is de eerste groothandel broker voor particuliere beleggers. Een online beleggingsplatform voor alle type beleggers. DEGIRO stelt haar klanten in staat om tegen ongekend lage tarieven wereldwijd te beleggen

DEGIRO works with a portfolio based margin model to establish the risk of the entire investment portfolio. For the calculation of the risk on options DEGIRO uses an option valuation model. The category of a Financial Instrument indicates how much risk the DEGIRO margin model attributes to the Financial Instrument. Shares are categorized from A to D Buying GME on Degiro without margin Question 🙋‍♂️ Hello fellow apes, I decided to close my positions on eToro but buy the same amount of shares on Degiro immediately since eToro does not allow transfer of open positions and I don't think I trust it anymore The margin review section shows the margin (i.e. the portfolio value and the cash balance) in relation to the portfolio risk. 2.1.1 Value of portfolio DEGIRO determines the value of the investment portfolio on the basis of the latest known prices on the stock exchange. In most cases, the bid price applies to the long positions and the ask pric

Additionally, when the collateral in your portfolio is not sufficient to cover the debit balance, you may receive a margin call. This means that DEGIRO will ask you to increase the collateral or decrease the debit balance. If this is not done before the given deadline, DEGIRO will close some of your positions to rectify the limit breach DEGIRO is the first wholesale broker for private investors. An online investment platform for all types of investors. DEGIRO enables its customers to invest worldwide at unprecedented low rates. DEGIRO is investing globally for everyone. Previously, investing was often limited to stock exchanges in Europe or the United States DEGIRO är den första grossisthandelsförmedlaren för privata investerare. En handelsplattform för alla typer av investerare. DEGIRO ger sina kunder möjlighet att investera över hela världen till rekordlåga avgifter. DEGIRO gör det möjligt för alla att investera internationellt

That same day, Bank of America published a report indicating that it expects prices to push to $35 with the chance that prices could reach all-time highs around $50 an ounce. HSBC did not provide a price outlook following silver's price spike, however, the bank suspects that prices will remain volatile during 2021 In this video I answered few of your questions, demonstrated shorting stocks and explained to you the different accounts you can use and how you can use thei..

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  1. What are DEGIRO margin fees? You can buy on margin with DEGIRO's Debt Money facility. The rates at which you can borrow are much cheaper if you allocate funds beforehand i.e. you don't just buy shares when you don't have any cash in your account. DEGIRO margin fees (Debit Money Rates) are shown in the table below
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  3. Instead, you deposit initial margin to enter the futures position. The amount of margin required is a percentage of the contract value. At DEGIRO, you can find the risk category of a product next to its name, which represents how much margin will need to be deposited to enter the contract
  4. DEGIRO gives you the possibility to buy on margin with our service Debit Money. This service is available for our Active, Trader and Day Trader profile types. Before making use of Debit Money, we want to ensure that you understand what it entails and the risks involved
  5. When trading futures, you do not pay this whole amount at the time of purchase, but typically put down an initial margin to enter into the contract. Say there is a margin rate of 15%. You would get a €120,000 exposure to the underlying by making a deposit of at least €18,000 as margin to your account

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