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IQ Capital has been investing solely in seed and early stage deep-tech for 15 years, so they understand tech and how to support tech-led founder teams. Notable investments: Privitar, Fluid Analytics, Divido, Thought Machine. Notable exits: Over 20 exits to date, recent notable ones include Grapeshot and Bloomsbury A The Deep Tech Europe Report: key numbers from the EIC performance. The European Innovation Council (EIC) supports European innovators in transitioning their ideas from the lab to the market. Thanks to its smart money, the EIC is bridging the critical investment gap in early-stage innovation and makes market-creating innovation easier in Europe European investors and deep tech: the relationship's complicated. But according to the American-Dutch venture capital firm Cottonwood, we need to have a serious conversation about what 'deep tech' means in a European context, and how it can best be financed and supported European deep tech companies are now valued at a combined €700B The UK, France and Germany lead for deep tech investment in Europe, raising €12.0B, €5.1B and €5.0B respectively since 2015 Europe's most deep tech focussed ecosystems are Finland and Norway, where over 40% of all venture capital goes to deep tech startup In 2019, there was $10.2 billion capital invested in European deep tech. In 2020, that dropped to $8.9 billion: I think it's fair to say that 2020 has been a tough year for most people and businesses

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Experienced startup investor. Led over 20 deep tech investments across multiple verticals in the US and the EU. Expertise in buy-side and sell-side M&A, new business development, and corporate venture advisory. Lawrence Lundy-Bryan. Research Partner boosting investments in the deep-tech sector across Europe (i) to reduce information asymmetries about KETs companies by developing a European Information Sharing Platform that aggregates public support for KETs companies across Europe, helps to link up European Within Europe, the U.K. continues to lead the deep tech push, attracting $2.9 billion of this year's investments and bringing its total in this category to $10 billion since 2015

The Deep Tech Europe Report: key numbers from the EIC

  1. 2019 in Europe. In this research, deep tech is a major factor as to why industries have been the most heavily invested in due to their predicted potential exploiting the use of digital technologies. Further research should explore this relationship deeper through obtaining primary data with a quantitativ
  2. 6) Deep tech was by far the most popular theme for investors. More than €8bn flowed into startups with a deep tech spin — almost twice the amount invested across the entire fintech sector, often said to be Europe's (particularly London's) flagship tech success
  3. Deep tech accounted for $1.3 billion of European venture investments in 2015 and an estimated $935 million this year, up from just $289 million in 2011, Atomico said in its report, which was.
  4. France and Germany are also European deep tech powerhouses and saw a combined $2B invested in those countries in 2019. Looking beyond the Top 10, Romania stands out thanks to the large sums invested into UiPath, arguably Europe's fastest-growing deep tech champion
  5. European Innovation Council (EIC) and Startup Europe join forces to boost digital and deep tech startup growth The EIC is seeking to build synergies with the wider European startup ecosystem via a new wave of projects under the Commission's Startup Europe initiative, following the opening of the HORIZON-EIC-2021-STARTUPEU-01-01 call with a total budget of EUR 6 million
  6. Europe is on track for $3.5B to be invested into deep tech companies in 2017 across more than 600 deals Capital invested ($B) in and # of deals closed by European deep tech companie

The big challenge of deep tech start-ups is to cross the bridge from science to innovation. About the Enterprise European Network The Enterprise Europe Network is the world's largest support network for SMEs and start-ups. The Network, supported by the EC, is active in more than 60 countries worldwide and brings together more than 600 member organisations When it comes to deep tech, from AI to big data and AR, Europe is neck and neck with Asia and Silicon Valley. European deep-tech start-ups demonstrate the best opportunities for scaling up While it initially targeted startups, the EIT Digital Challenge has evolved to become Europe's flagship competition for deep tech scaleups in digital. In 2021, the average scaleup applicant has €1.13 million in revenues in its last fiscal year, has raised €3 million of funds, and employs 18 people

Since 2015, annual global private investment in seven Deep Tech categories studied for the BCG report increased by more than 20% per year to almost $18 billion (€16 billion) in 2018 A NEW BREED OF DEEP TECH INVESTORS. the home of deep tech. 01 ventures. We invest beyond capital and without ego in the brilliance of Europe's deep tech scene. We are driven to solve fundamental challenges and make a lasting impact. Deep Technology. We focus on powerful themes,.

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Over the last 10 years, we have developed a trusted network of thought leaders, industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs. In 2020 we have decided to translate our expertise into support for startups on the path to scalability and internationalization. We invest up to PLN 4M in European deep tech startups with ties to the Polish market Founder of Koru Kids. Dr Uma Valeti. Founder of Memphis Meats. Sebastian Siematkowski. Founder of Klarna. Ilkka Paananen. Founder of Supercell. Partners to Gamechangers. We invest with Europe's most ambitious tech founders at Series A and beyond We're delighted to release an updated version of our 2020 Data Report on Enterprise & Deep Tech VC Investment in Europe & Israel. Special thanks to my colleague Andrew Poesaste for the tireless. As described above, Japanese deep tech startups have rapidly gained power for the last couple of years, through constant capital injection from and co-development with large corporations. At the same time, European MNCs such as Airbus and Deutsche Bahn have also reached and invested in some Japanese deep tech startups

High Tech, Low Understanding: Dear European 'deep tech

Frank is one of the most well-known tech investors in Europe and we have built a strong media network on this foundation. We utilize our experience in PR and Communications to create attention for our portfolio companies. Lena will not only support you in telling your story but also make sure that the world hears it One driver of increased competition continues to be the rising number of active investors deploying capital into European tech. Europe benefits from a deep and active pool of about 3,000 investors, making at least one investment per year

Both for founders and investors, the parameters are unlike other startups, and so are the risks, which means a different approach is often required. In the first of a three-part series, drawing on over a decade of deeptech investing at Octopus, we offer a VC's perspective to give founders the best chance of success 40 high-tech european startups meet 180 international investors & corporates | on-site high-tech startups. A nice selection of high-quality selected startups from Europe. Alain le Loux Cottonwood A perfectly prepared and executed event that gives access to a fine selection of handpicked young deep tech companies. Helps deep-tech startups, SMEs and innovators to create strategic growth opportunities across more mature markets. Builds bridges between deep-tech innovators and corporates, VCs and private equity firms. Offers unique technology support, community and go-to-market benefits. 8. 8

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Previously Alex co-founded Lovefilm, Europe's leading digital movie rental business, which was successfully sold to Amazon. Alex is also one of the UK's most active tech angel investors having backed dozens of early stage digital startups and was awarded an OBE for services to services to digital entrepreneurship in 2016. The 10 most active Dutch Series A investors in 2019. In 2019, the Dutch startup ecosystem saw some funding rounds including Mollie, Dott, Fixico and more. It can be fairly said that the Dutch tech startups are in a good state right now. As per reports, the Dutch tech companies have raised €750 million funding in 2018 alone UK investors are putting more cash into 'deep tech' sectors such as artificial intelligence, quantum computing, and genomics. British deep tech startups raised 3.6 billion euros ($4.4 billion) in. Deep tech start-ups across sectors have come up with have been innovating to solve challenges in society not just in India but also in international markets like the USA, Europe and Japan. According to ET, 19 per cent of tech start-ups in India are leveraging deep-tech solutions to build product competencies for market expansion

State of European Tech: Investment in 'deep tech' like AI

  1. Europe's $12 billion tech fund is 'beginning to work quite well' after early setbacks, advisor says Published Fri, Feb 12 2021 4:40 AM EST Updated Mon, Feb 15 2021 8:21 AM EST Sam Shead @Sam.
  2. The UK registered a record-breaking $15bn in tech funding in 2020, despite the uncertain investment environment created by the combination of Covid-19 and Brexit, according to a new report from Tech Nation.With robust investment from international investors and a boom in emerging sectors such as deep tech, the UK is now pulling ahead of other European tech hubs, such as Germany and France.
  3. Here are eight female investors who are shaping writing $250,000-$500,000 first checks for deep-tech platform Yvonne has invested over $250 million in startups across Europe, the.
  4. Our FundingBox Deep Tech Fund finances early-stage European companies with a clearly defined technological advantage. Contact Us See More. Accelerating the Path From Startups to Global Disruptors. Over the last 10 years, we have developed a trusted network of thought leaders, industry experts and fellow entrepreneurs

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Deep tech companies around the world bring their technical expertise, earning $800,000 from investors. Deep Tech is coming to Eastern Europe. Written by. CODIAX Deep tech is a global phenomenon. Private investment in these technologies has skyrocketed. At secpho, we are dedicated to accelerating technological innovation through deep tech, connecting research and entrepreneurial talent with capital, market and societal challenges Investing in automation and applied deep tech by partnering with idiosyncratic founders. We are a team of engineers, product designers, and investors, uniquely positioned to help founders build technologically outstanding businesses with global ambitions. We back entrepreneurs across Europe with initial ticket sizes from EUR 500k to EUR 1.3M We create data reports, videos, newsletters and podcasts around the deep tech enterprise startup ecosystem and experience. Explore the most recent ones here, or visit our full library on the Insights page. Data / Enterprise & Deep Tech VC in Europe & Israel 2020. Gil Dibner. General Partner Angular Ventures. Read. Blog / The Great Acceleration. In addition to providing capital, Yield Lab Europe provides access to individualised mentoring from industry experts, access to the premiere Agri-Food/ Ag Tech accelerator in Ireland, and access to the Yield Lab global network of experts, corporates and investors all around the world to enable companies to successfully scale and commercialise internationally

UK investors back Grover's €60M funding to boost subscription model in consumer tech for generation rent Market-leading Berlin-based subscription startup Grover has today secured €60 million (nearly £52 million) in an oversubscribed Series B funding round involving a number of UK investors Bloc Ventures is a permanent venture capital company that thinks differently about investing and scaling deep tech companies. We are passionate about supporting and growing the next generation of early-stage technology businesses across Europe. a combination of persons, groups, businesses, nations or governments forming a unit with a common.

CorPower Ocean is a leading wave energy technology developer utilising forty years of ocean energy research to bring a new class of high efficiency Wave Energy Converters to market, enabling robust and cost-effective harvesting of electricity from ocean waves Supreme Factory is a London based deep tech Accelerator & VC Fund. Supper-connecting Diverse Startup Ecosystems between the UK and Emerging Europe with curated networks of Talents, Scientists, Innovators, Founders, Entrepreneurs, Startups, Corporates, Investors & Communities

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Deep tech investment surges across Europe as AI ecosystem

  1. A listing of medtech investors and healthcare venture capital companies. Updated regularly and searchable by country, medical segment and focus
  2. For me, as a founder, it is important to carefully select the people with whom to closely work with - and investors are not the exception. I am very happy to have the APEX Ventures team on board, not just because of their investment but especially for their knowledge, experience, and support in building and scaling a Deep-Tech start up
  3. It all started 20+ years ago by investors recognizing the need to meet with companies from different countries in Europe. The first tech tours were organized by volunteers - imagine 40 investors getting together on a bus and travelling for 3 days across Switzerland to meet companies. Some pitches took place on the bus
  4. We are happy to announce that our call for investors to join the Investment Readiness Programme is currently open, and those sending their applications before 1 June will be invited to join our Demo Day, where they will discover a preselected batch of 30 start-ups disruptive deep-tech startups and to meet a wide range of top-notch fellow mentors and investors from all over Europe
  5. We are investors AND entrepreneurs: As investors, We invest in deep technology companies in Europe and the US. ($600 m) in assets, and we like to work long term with the team we invest in. The tech portfolio currently consists of 25 companies, among those Barnebys, Soundtrack Your Brand and Fishbrain
  6. Deep tech companies aim to address the world's biggest challenges. These include providing Internet access to the unconnected, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, significantly increasing productivity gains across industries, and helping to solve many other intractable problems, particularly in emerging market and developing economies. A deep tech company brings transformative technology from.

As such, many investors have turned to investing in deep tech, hoping for the next big thing. A report by CBInsights shows that the new capital invested into deep (or frontier) tech spiked. Partech is a global investment platform for tech and digital companies, led by ex-entrepreneurs and operators of the industry spread across offices in San Francisco, Paris, Berlin and Dakar. The firm brings together capital and resources to support entrepreneurs at all stages in Europe and North America, with a growing presence in Africa and Asia Building a collaborative ecosystem that leverages the power of deep technologies to tackle world challenges has been Hello Tomorrow's mission since 2011. Over the course of six editions, our Global Startup Challenge has received 20,000 applications from 132 countries, partnering with universities and research labs to identify deep tech solutions worldwide Codiax brings deep tech in Eastern Europe once again. A 2-day virtual event focused on the hottest topics in tech right now Europe is at the heart of deep tech. Our start-ups today will become the economic engines for our future. Media representatives will receive priority access to tech company CEOs and investors at the Summit for editorial staff on the 10 th of October, with the opportunity to set up interviews with speakers, and complimentary access to all sessions

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PitchBook has been tracking climate tech since 2010. Over that period, a total of $50.6bn of venture capital has been deployed, either by conventional financial VC funds or by strategic corporate investors. Research from advisory and accountancy firm PwC, released last October, found that $60bn was invested between 2013 and 2019 Key Points. Venture capital funding for British start-ups grew by 44% to a record $13.2 billion in 2019, according to new research. By contrast, investment in U.S. and Chinese tech firms actually.

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  1. With £1.3 billion under management and investing over £100m a year, Octopus Ventures (OV) is one of the largest and most active venture investors in Europe. Our typical investment is from £1 million for Seed to £10 million for Series B and we can continue to fund the companies we back right through to IPO
  2. With ViennaUP´21 digital Vienna will host the largest decentralized and community-driven virtual startup-event in Spring 2021
  3. Speedinvest is one of Europe's most active early-stage investors, with more than €400m AUM, 40 investors, and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and San Francisco. Our focused investment teams partner with founders building Deep Tech, Fintech, Industrial Tech, Network Effects, Digital Health and Subscriptions startups
  4. By demystifying Deep Tech traction and commercial validation, we hope to give you an overview and an idea of the benchmarks to investigate BEFORE making your seed pitch to investors. We will individually break down how we at Speedinvest evaluate traction for enterprise, open-source and frontier tech during our investment decision process
  5. The Tech Nation Report 2021 sets out the huge progress taking place in the UK tech sector at this crucial time in our history. Among the many highlights in the report, three shine especially brightly. First, in 2020, amid a global pandemic, tech venture capital investment in the UK hit a record high of $15 billion
  6. Investors will be able to access the recovery story, the company said HANetf, the issuer of 'white label' exchange-traded funds, has announced the launch of Europe's first global airline.

Startup Europe is an initiative of the European Commission to connect high tech startups, scaleups, investors, accelerators, corporate networks, universities and the media. It is supported by a portfolio of EU funded projects and policy actions such as the EU Startup Nation Standard, Innovation Radar and the Digital Innovation and Scale-up Initiative (DISC) Matchmaking deep tech startups, investors & corporates (Barcelona) secpho, as Startup Europe Ambassador recognized by the European Commission, organizes this matchmaking event focused on helping deep tech startups in the creation or development phase, facilitating their access to the opportunities offered at a European level, as well as helping them to connect with agents such as investors or.

European Innovation Council (EIC) and Startup Europe join

Hoxton has a sophisticated understanding of deep technology, which is important for Darktrace, a company that is at the forefront of enterprise AI deployments. They are extremely well-networked and generous with sharing their insight. They are more than investors in the company, they are trusted friends of Darktrace 2 deep tech investors just raised $90 million and predict Europe will produce another ARM or SAP within 5 years. Shona Ghosh. Jun 11, 2019, 15:30 IST Deep Tech Fintech Industrial Tech Network Effects Subscriptions & Health Speedinvest is supported by InnovFin Equity, with the financial backing of the European Union under Horizon 2020 Financial Instruments and the European Fund for Strategic Investments (EFSI) set up under the Investment Plan for Europe Investors connect with Imperial's latest deep-tech startups. by Rozi Harsanyi 13 Organisational and angel investors explored new investment opportunities at an evening of pitches and networking with Imperial opens for business with investors from across the UK and Europe. More. Innovations; Business Latest. We're deep-tech venture builders. As teams mature in our program, we connect them with the investors and mentors they'll need to emerge as viable businesses. HighTechXL also works with multinationals in Europe and China, helping them become faster,.

With offices in Europe, Silicon Valley, China and Israel, we are working with Deep-tech companies worldwide. Having our investment sweet spot in early stage we are also looking into later stage companies, as well as seed stage in selected cases CSIRO 'deep tech' fund raises A$250m from private investors. By Jenny Sinclair in Melbourne. Share. as well as family offices and private investors from Morgan Stanley Wealth Management and Mutual Trust. Research Fortnight and Research Europe Tuesday's tech rout weighed heavily on the broader equity market, with Europe's benchmark Stoxx 600 Index falling as much as 2.1%, and the MSCI Asia Pacific Index slipping 2% and closing at. The Advantages of Attending Cleantech Forum Europe - for Everyone. Open Networking and AI-Powered Connectivity - Join dedicated randomized networking sessions, get matches based on your interests and ambitions, meet new people, technologies, companies and investors.; Updates on Investment Trends and Themes - Get insight into 2021 from thought leaders and expert panels

In 2019, we gathered more than 2,000 executives, entrepreneurs and investors from all over the world for Europe's Largest Insurtech Conference. In 2021, we are gathering over 4,000, making it, once again, the most well attended conference of the industry in Europe. JOIN US IN 2021 Our story. It all started 20+ years ago by investors recognizing the need to meet with companies from different countries in Europe. The first tech tours were organized by volunteers - imagine 40 investors getting together on a bus and travelling for 3 days across Switzerland to meet companies. Some pitches took place on the bus

Dr. Vishal Gulati is one of the Europe's leading digital healthcare investors. Vishal is a qualified physician and chairman of the Digital Health Forum. Over the last decade he has championed deals across areas including diagnostics, devices & biotech. He is currently on the boards of Horizon Discovery PLC and EcoEos The combined value of European-founded deep tech companies is $845B and growing. This rise of boring can be attributed, in part, to deep tech breakthroughs crossing into the mainstream. Google achieved quantum supremacy for the first time last year, while DeepMind found a solution to a major protein folding challenge Submission results 2021. The EIT Digital Challenge 2021 has established a new record: 409 scaleups from 33 countries applied to the 8 th edition of Europe's flagship deep tech competition in digital. The highest number of submissions came from Germany, United Kingdom, Italy, Spain and France

Deep tech in India is drawing wealthy investors. Mar 29, 2021 341 Views Share on. Deep technology has aided Indian entrepreneurs in not only addressing barriers but also expanding their presence. It is now well accepted that the coronavirus pandemic triggered widespread digital adoption in India So to find out what the startup scene in Edinburgh looks like, we spoke to six founders, executives and investors. The city's tech ecosystem appears to have a robust space for machine learning, artificial intelligence, biomedicine, fintech, travel tech, oil, renewables, e-commerce, gaming, health tech, deep tech, space tech and insurtech Speedinvest is one of Europe's most active early-stage investors, with more than €400m AUM, 40 investors, and offices in Berlin, London, Munich, Paris, Vienna and San Francisco. Your success is our priority, so we don't just send some money and check in at board meetings. Our mission is to empower you with game-changing support through Sofia: I think it's just a cycle thing. Tech used to be Deep Tech. We just had a phase of digital. This is need-based rather than the interest of the investors. There is a risk profile that needs a leap of faith. I believe that there is a convergence happening where people are doing a bit of Deep Tech, but still keep their main investments in.

Entrepreneurs. We help tech entrepreneurs during the early stages of their company to build successful businesses. We help in many ways: fundraising and other financing activities, IP protection, partnerships, and synergies with other portfolio companies, headhunting, provision of commercial opportunities, assessment of legal contracts, etc In 2018, some 1,776 unique investors invested in 1,450 deals in the asset class from across the globe and that number grows every year. The majority of agrifood tech investors are generalist tech investors but there is also a growing number of dedicated funds focused on foodtech and agtech

Bringing together thousands of investors and innovators in Blockchain, Fintech, Artificial Intelligence, Quantum Technology, Big Data. and the Internet of Things. UAE. Dubai Expo. 25-26 May 21. EUROPE. Malta Expo. 17-18 Nov 21. AFRICA Winton's business utilises computing technology to apply mathematical and statistical methods to the field of investing. Winton Ventures have been investing in early-stage, data-driven, science and technology companies since 2015. Our portfolio includes high-growth UK companies such as Tessian, Ripjar, and Oxford PV tech projects. A new exclusive Club for investors and tech professionals aims to create a community of potential investors and industry experts, which will provide a platform for investing, networking as well as an exchange of ideas and experience. Access to excellent tech companies seeking investment which are often hidden or closed for many. A group of 50 investors managing more than $4.5 trillion in assets is calling on companies involved in the development and use of facial recognition technology, such as Amazon and Facebook, to do so in an ethical way. The investor group, which is led by asset manager Candriam, a European division of US financial services company New York Life, said in a statement the technology could infringe. Trending tech news Latest investments Latest acquisitions Products Automate Trackers Innovation Services About Index United Kingdom and Europe E-Commerce, Technology, SaaS, Consumers, Marketplaces, Artificial Intelligence, Showing a curated sample of 50 investors in the Travel & Tourism market Romanian investors are eyeing the ecosystem for Accel's scout program in Europe. Accel, the US venture capital (VC) giant, has launched a startup scouting program in Europe, building on the legacy of its US project. Scouts in the Starters program are allocated $200К each to find, invest in, and nurture European startups with growth.

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